Fakhar Zaman Explosive Batter

“Fakhar Zaman Explosive Batter: Most Sixes in ODI World Cup 2023”


In the thrilling ODI World Cup 2023, one name emerged as a beacon of power-hitting, and that name is Fakhar Zaman. The Pakistani opener, who had been struggling with form, made an astounding comeback, smashing records and thrilling cricket enthusiasts worldwide with his impeccable six-hitting prowess. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the incredible journey of Fakhar Zaman, who not only rejuvenated his career but also etched his name in history by hitting the most sixes in a World Cup from Pakistan.

Fakhar Zaman: The Struggles and Resurgence

The 2023 ODI World Cup marked a turning point in Fakhar Zaman’s career. Before the tournament, he was struggling with form, and his early dismissal in the match against the Netherlands only added to the pressure. As a result, he was dropped from the team, leaving fans and experts wondering if he could find his rhythm in time to make a difference.

A Come Back

However, fate had something different in store for Fakhar Zaman and Pakistan cricket. He was reintroduced to the team during a do-or-die clash against Bangladesh, where Pakistan desperately needed a win. Fakhar Zaman rose to the occasion, producing a breathtaking display of power-hitting.

The Bangladesh Showdown

In the high-pressure match against Bangladesh, Fakhar Zaman played an innings that will be etched in the memory of cricket enthusiasts. He scored a remarkable 82 runs and blasted seven towering sixes. His performance not only guided Pakistan to victory but also instilled a sense of hope and anticipation for what was to come.

The New Zealand Masterclass

Fakhar Zaman’s monumental performance didn’t stop at the Bangladesh match. In the game against New Zealand, he played an extraordinary innings, hitting an astonishing 12 sixes. This jaw-dropping feat solidified his place at the top of the list for most sixes in the tournament. With this, Fakhar Zaman had hit a total of 20 sixes in just three innings, a remarkable achievement that had cricket fans around the world buzzing with excitement.

Record-Breaking Feat

Fakhar Zaman’s incredible achievement in the ODI World Cup 2023 didn’t end with leading the charts for most sixes. He also made history by setting the record for hitting the most sixes in a World Cup from Pakistan. This achievement is a testament to his resilience and power-hitting ability, proving that a cricketer’s form can change dramatically with determination and hard work.

Rohit Sharma: A Worthy Competitor

While Fakhar Zaman’s 20 sixes in 8 innings are an impressive feat, he faced stiff competition from the renowned Indian opener, Rohit Sharma. Known for his blistering batting and ability to clear the boundaries with ease, Rohit Sharma hit an equal number of sixes in the same number of innings. This head-to-head contest between two of the finest ODI openers added an extra layer of excitement to the World Cup.

Quinton de Kock and Heinrich Klaasen

In the competition for the most sixes, Fakhar Zaman faced competition not only from Rohit Sharma but also from South African players, Quinton de Kock and Heinrich Klaasen. While de Kock hit 8 sixes in 8 innings, Klaasen was no less impressive, hitting 17 sixes in the same number of innings.


Fakhar Zaman’s incredible journey from a loss of form to rewriting records in the ODI World Cup 2023 is a testament to the unpredictable nature of cricket and the resilience of a determined player. His performance not only rekindled hope for Pakistan but also showcased the power of T20-style hitting in the 50-over format. With 20 sixes in 3 innings, Fakhar Zaman left an indelible mark on the cricketing world, reminding us that records can be shattered, and legends can be born in the blink of an eye. His name will forever be associated with the explosive six-hitting that defined the ODI World Cup 2023.

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